5 of my Favourite Breathtaking Beaches

I don’t know about you, but it’s almost February and I am missing the warmth of the Caribbean sunshine and the beauty of the crystal clear Caribbean on a white sand beach. All I want to do is forget about the fact that we are in a “stay at home” order and can’t go anywhere except the grocery store, pharmacy or a walk around the neighbourhood. So, today over on my social media I’m sharing with you 5 of my Favourite Beaches I’ve had the joy of visiting (either for a day or for a week). Since I was limited for words there, I thought that I would come over here and share a little bit more about each of my favourite beaches with some memories or fun facts. 

I’ve listed them in Alphabetical order because, like a child, I couldn’t pick my absolute favourite, nor could I list all my favourite beaches I’ve enjoyed in my travels so these are just a simple list and another time I will come back and do another post with more favourites. Sound good? Let’s go beach-roaming…

7 Mile Beach, Negril

This expansive beach on the west coast of Jamaica has a few different sections, but the one in these pictures were taken from the Beaches and Couples Swept Away Resorts in Negril where we were staying in August 2018.   It’s a great beach for floating and stand-up paddle boarding as it’s gentle and shallow. We saw tons of starfish in the water while paddle boarding and even one day saw a stingray swim by. Fun fact – did you know that Jamaica has INCREDIBLE snorkelling? We didn’t before we visited and great news – both of the above resorts offer unlimited water sports included in their price so definitely a beach for active water lovers and snorkelers and scuba divers. The breathtaking sunsets of Negril are not to be missed on this beach in the evenings.

Carlisle Bay Beach, Barbados

This pink sand beach in Barbados we visited on a cruise port day. We spent the day at TheBoatyard Club beach bar.  Such a great place to hang out and catch some rays, walk the beach and even swim with sea turtles for free. Luckily I had packed a water noodle with me and was able to float out to the sea turtles.  Ask the guys at the bar where to go for that! The sand is talc-powder soft and there are activities for guests of every age. By far one of the reasons I fell in love with Barbados on our travels!

Jolly Beach, Antigua

We were only on this gorgeous beach in Jolly Harbour, Antigua for a few hours on one of our first cruises.  Up until then we had never really seen water this colour and to be honest, it spoiled us forever!  We took the bus from the cruise port in St. John’s with a wonderful fellow Canadian couple we’d met on the cruise, and together we played in the gentle surf of this breathtaking beach. We fell in love with this island that day and Antigua is definitely a place we intend to visit for an entire week asap!

Palm Beach, Aruba

This beach holds a very special place in my heart as it was where Hubby and I honeymooned.  It’s a stunning beach on it’s own and a great place to people watch, stroll and catch all the fun activities, like various water sports, beach bars and sunset sails, which we’ve now done twice – once on our honeymoon and the other time on a late-day cruise port stop. On a cruise port day it’s a breeze to get to this area by public transportation and it’s a great beach to visit for the day or stay while vacationing in Aruba. There are a variety of all-inclusive and a’la carte resorts to choose from and it’s a lively destination for shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Sherwoods Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Our friends who live on Oahu told us about Sherwoods Beach which is officially named, Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on the east coast of Oahu in Hawaii.  Our first visit to this beach we couldn’t believe how beautiful it was (but really… it was Hawaii… did we expect anything different?). We were struck with the comfort of being in the US, but at a beach as breathtaking as we’d seen in the Caribbean – the best of both worlds.  One thing you have to watch with this beach is the cycle for jellyfish and man-o-war fish so definitely you’ll want to check the moon schedules and research that and abide by the flags at the lifeguard stations.  We luckily didn’t see anything when we were there and just enjoyed the most beautiful beach on Oahu. Also, if in a rental car, be absolutely sure to not keep any valuables in the car here as there have been incidents of car windows being smashed and things taken so beware and be wise!

So there you have it … 5 of my favourite beaches I’ve experienced so far. As I said, I have others that I love just as much, but these were the first 5 that came to my mind when I started working on today’s social media posts.

Have you been to any of these beaches? Are there any you haven’t but would like to? Let me know in the comments below!

If you need assistance in getting to one of these beaches when travel begins again after the pandemic, be sure to check out my website and contact me for assistance. You can visit me at https://www.expediacruises.ca/en-CA/SueHawkes

Until next time,

~ Sue ~ 

Your Vacation Dream Maker

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