When Can We Travel From Canada?

I get asked all the time by clients when can we Canadians travel again, and my answer is this… technically you could travel now, depending on your destination and the protocols in place, but as a travel specialist, I am still leaning towards staying put. Here are my main reasons I suggest holding off on travel for now:

  1. Canada still has a Level 3 travel advisory in place. This means that they are recommending that Canadians do not travel internationally except for “essential travel” due to the risk (however great or small) that this fluid situation changes and you can’t return home to Canada. And we also have a Level 4 “Avoid All Cruise Ship Travel” which will keep Canadians from cruising for now when cruising returns soon.
  2. Canada still has a mandatory 14 day quarantine in place when you return to Canada from any international destination (and some provinces demand this as well so you’ll want to check before you travel even within Canada). This is strictly enforced so if you can’t hunker down with your travelling buddy for two weeks, and have food/supplies delivered by a neighbour or loved one, you are best to stay put!
  3. Every country has individual protocols, many of which require negative Covid-19 testing proof prior to entering the country. These tests results are often required to be uploaded 72 hours to 7 days from departure and shown at the airport before boarding is allowed. Getting tested in Canada may be tricky so it’s better to stay put for now, or find a country where testing isn’t required. As your travel agent, I would go over the necessary protocols for the destination you choose, but ultimately, clients are responsible for having all the necessary test results and documents before departure.
  4. Flights are departing for some destinations but flight schedules are not always consistent currently so you may find your vacation cancelled at the last minute either before leaving Canada or in destination. This is not a great scenario for those less experienced travellers as it adds stress to an already stressful situation.
  5. We are still in a pandemic with a second wave underway in some areas and expected soon in others. Stay tuned to the officials in your particular area as well as the Government of Canada website for the latest news.

All that said, only you can truly decide what is best for you and your own family, but as a travel specialist it is my job to give you the facts and let you decide for yourself.

Do you have any questions you’re dying to ask a travel agent? Fire away! Leave a comment below or touch base with me through email or social media links provided here on my blog.

Until next time,

Your Vacation Dream Maker, Sue

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