Memory Lane – Our Honeymoon in Aruba!

Back in 1994 when my husband and I were planning our wedding, we took on the traditional roles of the day and I planned the wedding details while Hubby was in charge of the honeymoon details.  I wasn’t an avid traveller (yet) but had been to the Dominican Republic and overseas to Scotland by then so I was up for anything my future hubby was planning.   Hubby kept his details under wraps but told me that I needed to pack my bag for a warm climate.

The morning after our wedding, 26 years ago we hopped into the airport limo on our way to the airport and it was then I found out that Hubby had planned a romantic week for us in Paradise… the tropical island of Aruba!  (He had no idea at the time that he had ruined me for life by taking me here as this is when my passion for beach travel and the Caribbean was birthed).

Orange Roofs of Barcelo Resort Aruba
(formerly Americana Resort Aruba)

We stayed at the Americana Resort (that was it’s name at the time).  Today the resort is called the Barcelo Aruba.  I had the joy of revisiting this resort on my last work trip to Aruba where I reminisced about the wonderful week Hubby and I shared on this site as we started our lives together as a married couple.

Breathtaking Palm Beach, Aruba (2019)

One funny story about our honeymoon – Hubby, on the second or third day, came down with some weird skin rash (hives from eating shellfish we found out later).  Off he went into the (then) Aruba desert in search for a pharmacy for medication for his itchy rash.  From that day on I would slather him at bedtime with Calamine lotion, writing little love notes on his back in the pink goopy lotion.  The next morning we’d awake to his side of the sheets covered in the pink lotion leftovers which we would have a good chuckle over.  The maids must have wondered what was going on in our room at night – ha ha.

2019 Pool Area (hasn’t changed much since 1994)

Our days were spent around the beautiful pool sipping fruity drinks, or wandering down the sandy shores of Palm beach in the soft, white sand.  On our last night we enjoyed a gorgeous Sunset Sail, which we recreated on our last trip to Aruba together while on the Adventure of the Seas, during our extended cruise port day in 2016.  These are the pics from our Honeymoon in 1994 and the 2016 re-creation trip.


Aruba is a fantastic vacation destination as it lies just off the Venezuelan coast and is just outside of the hurricane belt which makes it a perfect year round vacation choice.  There are a variety of different resorts on the island – all-inclusive and a’la carte options and accommodations range from luxury to more budget friendly, although it does tend to be a pricier destination than your regular Dominican Republic or Mexico options.  There are great family resorts and a few adult only options as well.

Barcelo Resort Beach 2019

There are so many activities to choose from on the island of Aruba as well.  Water sports are huge as you can imagine.  We took a jet ski excursion on our honeymoon and that is still offered as well as snorkelling, diving, tubing and windsurfing, which is excellent here because of the Tradewinds off the island.  There are tours on the other side of the island which has a more desert-like feel so many enjoy the off-roading jeep tours to explore and many enjoy heading over to the Renaissance hotel’s private island where you can check out the flamingos.

Aruba’s Palm Beach truly was Paradise Found!

Aruba will forever have a special place in my heart thanks to the wise planning of my sweet Hubby and as an Aruba Certified Expert, I’m here to assist you with any questions you might have about this fabulous destination.  Contact me at today to get your Aruba vacation off your bucket list and into reality!

Until next time,

~ Sue ~ 

Your Vacation Dream Maker

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