Remembering 9/11 Nineteen Years Later

Nineteen Years.  Has it really been that long since those glorious twin towers crumbled to the ground?  How can that be?  

I can still remember where I was that crisp and clear September morning back in 2001.  My husband was at his office and I, not working at the time, had just woken up and popped on the t.v. to watch Regis and Kelly at 9AM.  I can still remember the foggy confusion I had as I watched Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer still on my t.v. screen after 9am.  “What are they doing on?  Regis and Kelly should be live now”.  

My confusion soon turned to horror as I watched the second plane fly through the second tower, the first already smoking from an earlier flight crashing into it’s windowed wall.  “WHAT is going on?” I said to myself.   I called my husband to see if he knew what was happening in our world that had suddenly become not as safe as we once understood it to be.  As I spoke with him, not long after the call began, in shock I told him that one of the towers was crumbling to the ground.  Do you remember that moment?  Completely gone… nothing but a massive plume of dust and smoke from the tower I had just seen be hit by a plane.  Not long after that second tower came crashing down too and in moments New York and the entire world was in chaos.

As you’ll remember, not only was New York attacked, but also the Pentagon and Flight 93 where the heroic passengers and crew surrendered their lives to save who knows else that was in the terrorists sight to take down.  Gone in seconds were so many lives, so many families, so many heroes and so many hopes and dreams for the future.  Gone too was the innocence of so many, like myself, who couldn’t fathom the venom and hatred that is called terrorism.

Today, 19 years later, I still get teary as I think of the people in those towers, what must have felt like a million miles from the ground, trapped inside their offices and those passengers on the flights who saw their lives flash before their eyes in seconds of their planes hitting a building or the hard Pennsylvania fields.  19 years later, I still feel tremendous gratitude for those first responders who put their duty to their chose careers above their own safety and self-preservation.  My hat goes off to them for their true acts of heroism.

So today, let’s take a quiet moment in our day to remember 9/11 and those brave people who sacrificed so much that bright September morning and days to follow.

Until next time,

~ Sue ~ Your Vacation Dream Maker

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