What Could Sailing in 2021 Look Like?

 Last week I had a Q&A session on my Instagram stories and one of the questions had to do with the safety of cruising and what protocols for safe cruising have come out as of yet.  Well today Vacation Dream Maker Peeps, I’m going to give you the 411 on how I answered this question.

First of all, each cruise line has been working hand in hand with the CDC and Safety panels of Cruise and Medical experts to set rigorous and enhanced measures both ashore and onboard the cruise ships and they will continue to do so while they continue to prepare for their safe return back to sailing with guests onboard again.  Each step of the cruise will have measures to keep each passenger healthy and safe and to deny boarding to anyone showing signs of illness along the journey.  So what does this look like?  Not all of the cruise lines have come up with their full protocols yet, but one example of what cruising may look like comes from Princess’ Cruise Line’s CruiseHealth™.  Here are some of the protocols being put into place from their program:

Embarkation:  Every cruise terminal will have enhanced sanitation/cleaning throughout the embarkation terminal, especially in areas where surfaces are more highly touched (i.e. handrails, elevator buttons, escalator railings, etc).  

Before you even are able to enter the cruise ship you will need to undergo a touchless temperature check, health questionnaire, secondary screening (if necessary) and health checks thoughout the cruise as necessary.  Any guest or crew showing any signs of illness will be denied boarding. 


Onboard:   Again, in conjunction with the CDC, enhanced and rigorous cleaning will be made throughout the onboard experience by hard working crew.  This includes sanitizing staterooms, public areas, especially those high touch surfaces) with disinfectant that kills Coronavirus.  There will be an abundance of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the ship as well as hand washing sinks at venue and dining entrances and high traffic areas.

Hepa filtration systems have been installed in key areas like the medical centre and isolation rooms and all over the cruise ships you will find enhanced fresh air distribution.

Muster Drill:  Many of the cruise lines are developing technology to eliminate large gatherings of guests at Muster Drill (mandatory safety drill) prior to departure.  Royal Caribbean has come up with their Muster 2.0, in their own patented eMuster™ app, wherein key elements of the drill, including where to go in case of an emergency and instructions on how to properly use a life jacket  will be available on the guest’s own schedule prior to departure via on their own mobile device or stateroom t.v.  Pretty cool huh?


Physical Distancing:  Social distancing will be a reality onboard the cruise as cruise lines manage the timing, size and flow of onboard venues for events and dining.  As of yet, we haven’t heard the full protocols on this, including mask wearing, but all this will be available prior to the first cruise setting sail and your travel agent (Me😀) can keep you updated on these protocols once they are sent out officially prior to booking and/or sailing.  

Throughout the cruise, crew will undergo enhanced screening and healthy behaviour/protocol training and the medical centre will be well prepared for emergencies.  For Princess Cruises’, full details on this can be found at their  CruiseHealth™ link.

Ashore:  Cruise lines are partnering with local health authorities and government officials to make sure healthy and safety measures align when cruise guests go ashore in ports.  You may find that some itineraries may be adjusted as the cruise lines will optimize their itineraries to those countries that are safest for their onboard guests.  Also, as MSC Grandiosa in Europe (one of the few ships already back in service) has done, cruise lines may create a “bubble” wherein guests onboard must be part of a cruise line tour when departing the ship so as to keep everyone onboard within the “bubble” and safe.  Again, these protocols haven’t been fully disclosed on the major North American cruise lines so this may or may not be the case for your 2021 cruise, but that is what has happened so far in Europe (and the great news is that by doing so, the cruise line has had a zero-case roundtrip cruise so far!  YAY!!

I hope this answers a little of the what does cruising in 2021 look like for you.  The situation is still fluid so some of this may have changed since the typing of this blog post so it’s always best to check with the cruise line you are sailing with, or your trusted Cruise Specialist who can guide you.  

With all this set out by at least Princess Cruises so far, if you are considering a 2021 or 2022 cruise, don’t forget that we have our Annual and Exclusive Princess Cruise 3 Day Sale coming up on Sept 24-26, 2020 at Expedia Cruises.  I detail this in an earlier post in my blog so go back and check that out for more details and contact me if you’re interested in pre-registering for the sale or have any more questions about cruising, all-inclusive beach vacations, etc.

Until next time,

~ Sue ~ Your Vacation Dream Maker

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