Travel Agents = GOOD FOR YOU!

Covid-19 brought many issues in our world to a glaring focus and one of those things is the benefits of using a Travel Specialist (Agent, Advisor, Consultant… whatever word best describes these SuperHeros) as opposed to a strictly online booking engine.   I’m not trying to slam online booking platforms, believe me, as I have used those myself but there are some times, like when a pandemic hits, or you want one trusted source for your travel needs, that a Travel Specialist comes to the rescue.

So the question is raised, why use a travel agent when I can book online?  Below are just a few of the reasons I give to my beloved clients:

πŸ—Ί  SO MANY CHOICES – Clients looking for the perfect honeymoon, cruise or beach escape want to come to someone who can take the 1000’s of options and make sense out of them.  Many agents, like myself have narrowed down “the world” to their passions.  For me that is beach and cruise vacations all over the world.  

Travel specialists are professionals, here to narrow down your choices to the products that best fit each particular vacation.  Sometimes you want to wind down and chill on an adult only luxury resort (think @Sandals!) but other times you might want to take the family on a trip of their lifetime somewhere on the other side of the world via a cruise ship.  As your travel agent, it’s my job to sit down with you (in person, via ZOOM, email or social media) to figure out what your needs  and wants are for the particular vacation you want to plan.  This is where my dream making skills are put into practice as I narrow down the best possible options with the best value for you.  

If what you need is outside of my specialty I can work alongside colleagues and tour operators who specialize in those areas outside of my niche, or I may refer you to a colleague for that particular trip.  It’s whatever works best for YOU!

πŸ‘«  PERSONALIZED SERVICE – As an Expedia Cruises Beach and Cruise Specialist, I am here to walk through the entire vacation process with you.  It starts when you contact me with your dream for vacation and ends when you return home rested, happy and satisfied.  Every step of the way, I am here to assist you.  If you are someone who likes to do your own research but needs help with the actual booking, I’m here for you.  If you are overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start, I’m here to hold your hand to relieve that overwhelm and answer your questions.  I’m available for you often even on my own vacations or have one of my trusted colleagues assist while I keep an eye on your vacation plans from afar.  Your vacation means that much to me!  You can’t get this kind of service just clicking on a website or calling into a call centre can you?  Plus an added benefit that I love is that many of my clients have become Friends!!

πŸ˜€ ADDED VALUE –  One of the beautiful perks of working with me is the added value I can bring to clients’ vacations.  When booking your cruise vacation with me and Expedia Cruises, we often can offer you extra savings on Expedia Exclusive cruise cabins, onboard credit to spend onboard, or other Expedia Extra perks (maybe a bottle of wine, bottled water or chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate a special occasion).  Also, cruises booked with us have the ability to earn Expedia Rewards for their cruise spending.  These points that are offered post-cruise, can be used for future air, hotel or event bookings whether to co-ordinate with a cruise or not. 

For those clients who prefer to stay on land, as your Beach Specialist I have working relationships with most of the resort chains and am able to assist you with booking spa treatments, dining or letting them know of your special occasion event.  I’m even here to assist in booking small destination weddings in the Caribbean and Mexico and working with brides and grooms to get them started with their wedding co-ordinator at the resort of their choice.  

Also, when you sign up for my 7Seas newsletters (see link above), you are automatically entered into our annual Cruise Contest where you could win a Caribbean cruise for two!  

🚧 TROUBLESHOOTER – If Covid taught us anything this year is that things CAN happen with our vacation plans.  During this time I had former clients who had booked on their own online contact me for assistance.  I wasn’t the agent on record so my hands were tied to truly assist them, but I was able to help point them in the right direction but they themselves had to do the hard leg work with their online booking customer service call centers.  My clients though had me there to personally resolve their travel woes (cancellations, Future travel vouchers, etc) and answer their questions as best I could within the protocols set by each supplier.  It was me who sat on hold for 7-8 hours waiting for a tour operator or cruise line agent for my client, or continues to follow up with insurance claims, while they are able to concern themselves with other things.  

Covid aside, I am always here for my clients should they run into snags along the way.  If you run into issues, for example, lost luggage or cancelled flight, I am there to get resolution for you as quickly as I can.  It’s also my job to help you make sure you have everything you need before you travel, which in these days of the “new normal” will be even more important with all the destination protocols that are constantly changing.  Do you really want to navigate all that yourself?

So as you can see… Travel Agents (like ME) are GOOD for you.  We are your advocates and go to bat for you to make sure that your vacation dollars are well spent for the best possible VALUE for you and your family.  I’ll say it again … your vacation is important to me and I work diligently to make your travel as seamless as possible.

Ready to connect with me?  Just click on the link above to reach my website and social media links and let’s start working on your 2021 and beyond dream vacation!

Until next time,

~ Sue ~ Your Vacation Dream Maker

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