Letter to Younger Sue…

 Today I’m thinking about what I would write to my younger self regarding career, passions, dreams.. so here it is:

Dear Younger Sue,

If I could advise you way back when, I would have said to follow your dreams in the travel industry.  Remember when you looked into becoming a flight attendant (even though you didn’t have a lick of French language), or when you considered becoming a travel agent when you were 23 and your first room mate worked at Marlin Travel?  Oh if only you hadn’t been afraid of trying and had the confidence back then to go to travel school and start your career in travel.

If I could advise you back then, I would have encouraged you to explore more of the world and I would have encouraged you to get out there and do the things you now only dream to do – like learn to surf in Hawaii and wander aimlessly through Europe with unending energy.  I would have encouraged you to start cruising earlier to gain the perks of their loyalty programs.😉

If I could have given you courage, I would have encouraged you to start your travel business earlier so you wouldn’t have been stuck in jobs you hated but instead worked at what you loved and made money doing it.  

And I would have been your biggest cheerleader, watching you grow into a business woman, learning about your product and what product is perfect for each of your individual clients at the best value.

Alas… if only we had wisdom in our younger years.  It’s never too late though to make at least some of our dreams come true.  Don’t you agree?

If you could write to your younger self, what is one thing you would tell yourself?

Until next time… 

~ Sue ~ Your Vacation Dream Maker

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