Swimming with Sea Turltes

Hello fellow travellers,

It has been much too long since I last posted on this blog but I am determined to bring you interesting and informative information to help you in dreaming and then planning your future vacations.

In February, my favourite travel partner (the Hubby) and I took a fabulous 7 night cruise out of San Juan, Puerto Rico aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Adventure of the Seas”.

This port intensive itinerary was wonderful as we visited some of the Eastern Caribbean’s most beautiful islands, including my new favourite … Barbados!  (I’ll tell you about some of the other islands in later posts).

Barbados was the last stop on our cruise and one that has stuck with me ever since.   The soft, talc powder-like pink sand, the cool vibe at The Boatyard beach club on Carlisle Bay and the highlight of our day… swimming with the sea turtles.  With snorkel gear on (we brought our own but you can rent or borrow some on the beach with one of the tour operators/boat tours) we swam beside these gentle creatures in their natural habitat.

There are lots of shore excursions available for swimming with the sea turtles through the cruise lines directly or through one of our recommended suppliers:  Shore Excursions Group or Shore Trips (or for those staying at a resort on shore, there are many different tour operators available like our supplier, TourSales) but we actually just swam out from shore (me with the help of my $3 water noodle I’d purchased in a San Juan Walgreens).  It was one of the coolest and most peaceful experiences we’ve had so far in our travels and I would highly recommend it if you get the chance.

If you are ready to slip on your swim fins and visit Barbados to swim with the sea turtles yourself, give me a call to help in planning your trip by land or by sea.   It’s quite a magical experience you’ll never forget!!

~ Until next time… Your Vacation Dream Maker, Sue ~ 

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