Benefits of Using a Vacation Dream Maker

You may be wondering why someone might need a Vacation Dream Maker (aka Travel Consultant).  After all, isn’t most everything travel related online anyway?  Let me give you some of the highlights and benefits of using the services of a travel consultant (aka me!)

  • Working with me as a travel consultant you will enjoy dedicated service and personal commitment to arrange the vacation dream of your desire.  Together we will figure out the best product, best time of year and best accommodations all within your budget to get you the very best value for your vacation dollars.
  • Travel consultants are lovers of travel and have gained experience in travelling the world.  Your personal travel consultant may not have been everywhere you desire to go, but it’s very likely a colleague as gone somewhere similar.  All this collective experience benefits you.  As your travel consultant, I will work diligently to obtain information for you, researching and speaking with colleagues and suppliers firsthand to try and get all the information you need if I don’t know it firsthand.
  • Time is precious to most of us and another benefit of using a travel consultant is that researching destinations and travel products is their job.  Every week I personally gain more and more knowledge on the products available and this saves you the time and energy of doing that legwork yourself.  Travel consultants can also put all of the pieces of your vacation together in one package if  you desire.  An example might be:  airfare, pre-cruise hotel, transfers from airport/hotel/cruiseship, cruise, excursions, post-cruise hotel, car rental… the list goes on.  You won’t need to worry about anything but having a great time!  Can’t always say that about booking through an anonymous website.
  • Travel consultants work alongside many of the best suppliers in the travel industry and are your advocate, getting you the very best vacation possible.  That may include an upgrade you might not otherwise find on your own, or it may be fighting for you if something goes wrong on your vacation… (not that it will of course!)  Again, a website alone can’t offer that.
  • And lastly, using a travel consultant can often times get you perks you might not otherwise be privy to.  Sometimes that means upgrades, onboard cruise credits, gifts and even Aeroplan® points.
So you can see… there are many benefits of a travel consultant to make your next vacation dreams come true.  Wouldn’t you agree?  Why not let me help you plan your next vacation!

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